Saturday, June 23, 2012

Not only Rome

Rome is for shure the place to visit, the place from all italian civilization and even European Story starts.
You can spend days walking around an finding thousand of archeological sites full of history and culture, but I will make you aware of the possibility and the interest to visit the countryside of Rome.
There are a lot of amazing Villas and small cities where you can experience another history of Rome.
Palestrina, Tivoli, Anagni, Artena and Valmontone are as important as Rome, and there you can even sleep and eat cheaper than Rome center and still being onlt 2' minutes by train or car from Rome.

I can suggest a coule of places where to stay:

B&B Valmontone Belvedere, the first B&B in Valmontone

B&B Valmontone Stazione, very close to the train station to Rome

Casa Vacanze Valmontone Terra del sole, ideal for small groups or families.

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