Tuesday, January 15, 2013

PIsa, Tuscany

Here is another famous cities of Tuscany; and here is a Tower even more famous than the city worldwide: the Tower Pendant. Pisa's territory was inhabited since Remote prehistory: long before the Etruscans came in Italy and befor the foundation of Rome. But it was the Romans who extended the city and made it since the antiquity an important centre. Pisa occupied then a privileged position from the point of view of commercial and military: stood on the road that linked the Italy to Gaul. In the middle ages, Pisa, which in the past was at the sea, was a thriving marine Republic in
competition with Genoa and Amalfi. Later he subject to stronger rule of Florence, which imposed the
its predominance in Tuscany.
The heart of the historic center of the city is the Piazza dei Miracles. Here, on the wide grassy stretch, enclosed by walls Embattled, the harmony of the beautiful architecture is composed from the Cathedral, the Baptistery, the leaning tower and the monumental cemetery. The Leaning Tower,
built between 1100 and 1300, is about 55 m and is world famous for its elegance and for how almost miraculous that despite the inclination to remain standing. The tilt came to completed construction for a soil subsidence below the tower itself. Pisa is also host to a famous University founded in 1329 and no less famous Scuola Normale, College fo teaching of mathematics and physics. The city is also an industrial centre (glassworks) and an iron-node important road. In the province of Pisa, a very important Center for its history is Volterra, ancient city of Etruscan origin.
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