Thursday, August 29, 2013

Alberobello the marvelous city of "trulli"

Another extraordinary city of rural Puglia is Alberobello, known worldwide for its beautiful architecture. About housing characteristics (trulli) very little is known. Just as certain is that trulli existed about 300 years ago. The first news about them dates back to 1635, when a local Squire, Baron Gian Girolamo Acquaviva, better known under the nickname "Guercio of Apulia", had them build in Alberobello with dry cover, for not paying taxes then established only on masonry buildings. At this point the story becomes almost ... fun; do you think that when tax agents of the Spanish viceroy of Naples came down here, the peasants avvistavano them in time and quickly smontavano roofs. In this way the Spanish tax collectors were only heaps of stones and had to return to London empty-handed! A curiosity: Alberobello isn't the only city in the world that possess the trulli. Another is located in Turkey and is named Harran; lies along the course of Balak, a tributary of the Euphrates, about 10 miles from the border with Syria, on the road connecting Urfa these Abyad. That village of ancient origins, was rebuilt on the old schema about a thousand years ago, the arches at the time of the Byzantine reconquest of Italy and during the period when between Bari and Taranto settled many Oriental and Jewish groups. From this you can deduce that the Puglia learned (maybe) from the East to build their homes. is an idea seriously considered by historians.

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